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Back Pain Relief for US Veteran

Randall Russell interviews with Dr. Townsend regarding his experiences with Dr. Townsend and what brought him to Townsend Wellness Center.

I initially went to Dr. Townsend for relief of intense right thigh pain that
was the result of skin graft. A medical mistake had resulted in such
intense pain and sensitivity that I was unable to bear anything touching the
inside of the thigh. I had exhausted my medical options except the insertion
of a morphine pump in my spine which I was unwilling to do. I could only
wear shorts even though it was in the winter time. 

In desperation I consulted Dr. Townsend who prescribed acupuncture and
laser treatments. My hopes came true when all my pain was permanently

I additionally sought treatment from Townsend Wellness Center for tremors.
Medical treatments, again, left me hopeless. My hands shook and my voice
trembled. This time Dr. Townsend prescribed cranial manipulation with
standard Chiropractic treatments, and my tremors are now under control.
Thanks to Dr. Townsend and his staff for enhancing my life.

by Thelma F. Howell

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Mary's Whole Body Recovery

I went to Dr. Townsend for my back problem and he did an awesome job. The treatment was basically painless and non violent, after my 1st visit I was feeling so much better. My husband’s back and neck had been hurt years ago he had been to other Chiropractors (back crackers) before, but after witnessing the results of my treatments he requested treatments from Dr. Townsend. My husband was very impressed on the procedure and how he felt afterwards. If anyone needs a Chiropractor/ Nutritional wel

by Ruby Teneyck

I have been very impressed with the quality of service and high level of care. Absolutely would recommend this center to anyone. All about full wellness!

by Christina Woods

I’ve been visiting a chiropractor since I was a child, but one visit with Dr. Townsend and I was taken to a new level of health and wellness. Pains I thought I would have forever (as a part of growing older) are completely gone and I now visit for a little maintenance and relaxation! Love Townsend and his friendly staff!!!

by Amanda Koren

We had a detoxing foot soak done!! Ashley was so nice! We will be going back for sure! Wonderful place and people!

by Tracy Simpson

I thought I was having a heart attack, but turns out I had several ribs out of place and also needed a spinal alignment after an automobile accident years ago that I never got treatment for. Dr. Townsend really cares about his patients as people not just another case number and paycheck. He is truly concerned about his patients’ wellness, not only through chiropractic care, but also nutritionally, and spiritually. Loretta and all of the staff at Townsend Wellness are caring and professional. I

by Brenda White

Beyond thankful – My son Samuel (12 yr old) is allergy free!! YAY! – first time ever to play outside in spring and not get sick. Thank you Dr. Townsend!!

by Lynn Bearden

I made my first appointment at Townsend Wellness center the day after I had a pretty serious reaction to "something". What that 'something" was, I have no idea. I experienced nausea, stomach pains, profuse sweating, and diarrhea. That was followed by hives. Then I swelled up like a "puffer fish". I could hear my heart beat in my ears. After a consultation with Dr. Townsend, my allergy work started. Dr. Townsend and staff used the NSRT and BAX Aura to treat my allergies. My road to repa

by Laura

In January of 1996 I had cancer surgery that included removal of lymph nodes in my left groin and leg. It has been swollen with numbness and tingling. The areas where the lymph nodes were removed was very hard. Dr. Townsend performed some wonderful treatments on my leg with complete resolution of the problem. I could never ask for better people to be treated by and to learn from.

by Enkie Ruth
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