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Your body is complex and addressing a health concern can seem difficult when you have an ailment. The key to maintaining your health is recognizing when to consider natural and holistic solutions for your situation. At our clinic, we offer naturopathic treatments to improve your well-being and address your health concerns.

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What is Naturopathic Health?

Naturopathic health refers to a system of medicine that focuses on your needs as an individual. A professional evaluates your current situation and well-being before recommending natural and non-toxic treatments to make positive changes.

The natural treatments depend on your situation. At our clinic, we may use a combination of solutions after an initial evaluation of your needs. We only develop a plan of action when we understand the cause of your discomfort and the possible options that may address the underlying concerns.

How Your Chiropractor in St. Robert Uses Naturopathic Treatments

Your chiropractor in St. Robert uses natural treatments to heal the underlying cause of your health concerns. At our clinic, we may use a combination of solutions after determining where your body needs treatment and what causes the symptoms you experience.

During your initial visit to our clinic, we may ask about your medical history and the reasons for your visit. We provide a basic physical and test your reflexes. We may ask you to move, walk or engage in other behaviors to ensure that we understand your concerns. We may also use diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your discomfort. After identifying the cause of your pain, we use chiropractic treatments and natural solutions to heal your body.

We may use adjustments to your spine such as spinal decompression therapy and massage therapy to encourage natural healing. We also use acupuncture and supervised exercises when your body may benefit from the treatments. Our use of naturopathic treatments depends on your individual situation, so we develop a personalized plan for your recovery goals.

When to Visit the Townsend Wellness Center in St. Robert, MO

As a general rule, you want to visit the Townsend Wellness Center in St. Robert, MO when you have chronic discomfort and pain in your body. We also help after an accident causes injuries to your body. Do not wait to seek treatment if you were involved in an accident and have consistent pain or discomfort. 

You may also benefit from chiropractic care and naturopathic health solutions when you want to avoid harsh medications or traditional medicine. The natural treatments offer an alternative to the traditional care without taking unnecessary risks with your health and well-being. We may help with certain symptoms, like chronic headaches, nausea or other concerns, even if it does not relate to an accident.

Physical pain impacts your life and causes complications. When you want to avoid traditional medical approaches and use non-toxic or natural treatments, a chiropractor in our clinic may have a solution for your goals. To learn more about natural treatments for long-term health or for an appointment, call (573) 336-4221 today.

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