Acupuncture in St Robert & Waynesville, MO

In addition to classical acupuncture, Dr. Townsend practices Auricular Acupuncture. Auricular Acupuncture has the same benefits of classical acupuncture with some notable conveniences. Auricular Acupuncture, by definition, is acupuncture treatments wherein the needles are inserted in the ears. The entire body can be treated from the ears. Acupuncture is very effective at treating a variety of issues, such as stress, pain, fertility, headaches, weight loss, and more.

Wondering if acupuncture could help your health? Learn more about acupuncture; call our chiropractor and acupuncturist in St. Robert and Waynesville today!

What Your St. Robert & Waynesville Naturopathic Doctor Wants You to Know About the History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture of both the regular and ear varieties originated in ancient China. The first known references to acupuncture are in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, which was written around 500 B.C. However, evidence suggests acupuncture was practiced far earlier than this, and is an ancient method of healing going back into the earliest part of human civilization. It quickly caught on as an effective way to heal many maladies and health issues, and trade between nations brought acupuncture to the awareness of other civilizations. As an example, acupuncture was advocated in ancient Greece by Hippocrates, who preferred the ear form of the treatment.

Both forms of acupuncture have been kept generally the same over the centuries, because they work. However, modern science has made a few adjustments to ear acupuncture. Your chiropractor in St Robert & Waynesville, MO is familiar with these modern enhancements to the treatment. The new additions to auricular acupuncture came when Dr. Paul Nogier of France saw scars on the ears of people who were treated for sciatica pain by amateurs. Remember, acupuncture hasn't always been a regulated profession with trained experts like your St Robert & Waynesville, MO chiropractor. In the past, anyone could do it if they thought they knew what to do.

Dr. Nogier used the scars to create diagrams of acupuncture points on the ears that were useful for treating pain. This transformative work, done in France, made its way back to China, where acupuncture originated. Using Dr. Nogier's work, the Chinese government taught acupuncturists the new way of ear points, and even trained lay practitioners in it, so the benefits of it could be brought to all the people. This form of acupuncture has so much scientific legitimacy now that the World Health Organization even standardized the names of the points in auricular acupuncture in 1990.

How Our Naturopathic Doctor in St. Robert & Waynesville Uses Acupuncture

When you come to your St Robert & Waynesville, MO chiropractic center for either regular or ear acupuncture, you will be enjoying a form of health care that has been improving the lives of people all over the world for thousands of years. We're eager to show you what our St Robert & Waynesville, MO acupuncture treatments can do for you.

Acupuncture not only relieves pain, it also facilitates the natural healing processes of the body. The natural healing results from the balancing of the various body functions. Some patients become very drowsy after auricular acupuncture. This is understood to result from the release of endorphins. Side effects of auricular acupuncture may include tenderness of the ear itself. This discomfort is temporary.

Learn More about Acupuncture with Our Chiropractor and Acupuncturist in Waynesville & St. Robert

At Townsend Wellness Center ancient technology and modern technology meet when we use lasers to enhance the effectiveness of auricular acupuncture. The entire process takes about 30 minutes, and is typically without pain. Call us today at (573) 336-4221!

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