6 Steps to Wellness Program

Are you feeling not quite yourself lately? Do you feel excessive fatigue, stress, or exhaustion? If so, then it may be time to focus on the tried-and-true six steps to wellness program. Here at Townsend Wellness Center, we're strong proponents of this program and have seen the benefits it has brought to our patients when combined with the right chiropractic treatment.

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Re-establish structural integrity

Your body's structural integrity plays a major role in how you feel every day. Therefore, the first step of this wellness program focuses on re-establishing the integrity and structure of your body's nerve and tissue structures. This can be aided with massage therapy and spinal manipulation, both of which we offer here in our office.

Re-balance electromagnetics

Electromagnetic pollution is everywhere; it comes from power lines, computers, microwaves, and other devices that we come into contact with every day. Without a healthy electromagnetic balance, you may be faced with frequent headaches and migraines, among other ailments. Therefore, finding a balance is a must.

Rebuild nutrition

Nutrition also plays a vital role in how you feel on a daily basis. If you're experiencing fatigue, joint and muscle pain, or other ailments, talk to your chiropractor about nutrition counseling. Our nutrition counseling services are great for helping our patients learn how to properly fuel their bodies and feel better overall.

Reprogram the body for allergy/sensitivities

Allergies and other environmental sensitivities can also have an impact on your immune system and thus your overall health. Finding out what you're allergic or sensitive to and then taking steps to avoid these aggressors is a must. This can be done through allergy testing. From there, better health may be as simple as avoiding certain foods or environmental substances, such as mold or dust.

Re-evaluate emotional patterns and remove limiting belief systems

Feeling stressed? Your body may be suffering as a result. Stress can manifest itself in the presence of aches, pains, and headaches. Talk to your chiropractor in St. Robert about how techniques such as massage therapy, meditation, and even at-home exercises can help you relieve stress and feel better.

Remove heavy metals and other toxins

Getting rid of toxins from your body can also help improve your overall health and wellness. One method of natural detox to consider is that of biocleansing, a service we're proud to offer to patients here in our office. This, in addition to a number of other services such as neurological stress reduction therapy and lifestyle advice, can help you lead a happier and healthier life without the need for medication, surgery, or other invasive measures.

Talk to Your St. Robert Chiropractor

If you're looking for a St. Robert chiropractor you can trust with carrying out a wellness program, Townsend Wellness Center is here to help. We can also assist with sports injury pain, such as that from fractures, a fall, and more. Give our office a call at (573) 336-4221 to find out more or to set up your appointment with our team.

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