Nutrition Services from Our St. Robert & Waynesville Naturopathic Doctor

If it really is true that you are what you eat, then you may have much more control over your health and wellness than you ever realized -- both for better and for worse. Supplying our body with the raw materials it needs to sustain its symptoms and heal its components is the safe, natural way to stay well or regain health, but this goal can be quite a challenge in today's world of processed snacks and fast food. That's why our Waynesville and St. Robert naturopathic doctor and chiropractor, Dr. Townsend, offers nutritional counseling, products and strategies to help you help your body.

You are what you eat. That's why our St. Robert & Waynesville chiropractor and Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Townsend, offers nutritional counseling. Call now!

Why Our St. Robert & Waynesville Chiropractor Emphasizes Nutrition

There's a reason our Waynesville and St. Robert chiropractor lists nutrition prominently among our "6 Steps to Wellness." Nutrition is the fuel that makes your body move, a critical factor in metabolic processes, tissue regeneration, organ function, nerve signaling and brain power. Just as putting the wrong kind of fuel in your car will leave you stranded in your driveway, providing your body with insufficient nutrients can contribute to fatigue, poor immune resistance, joint pain, muscle pain and various systemic imbalances that impair your health. Since wellness is our watchword at Townsend Wellness Center, we evaluate our patients' dietary and nutritional situation as well as their symptoms and baseline health, offering corrections that can make all the difference in how you feel.

It's also important to note that nutrition can play a major role in recovery from a significant injury or illness. For this reason, our chiropractor in Waynesville and St. Robert may put you on a nutrition program alongside other treatments such as spinal adjustment and acupuncture. The more resources your body has available, the more quickly and completely it can heal itself.

Our Chiropractic Center in St. Robert & Waynesville Partners with Optimal Health Systems

Obtaining proper nutrition has gotten harder and harder, to the point that careful shopping and cooking may not be sufficient. Our Waynesville and St. Robert chiropractic center has solved this challenge by partnering with Optimal Health Systems, a provider of holistic health and wellness products.

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OHS offers an enormous range of nutritional supplementation formulas, each fine-tuned to address specific health challenges and physical functions. Their formulas are firmly based on the latest scientific and medical research, resulting in high-quality products that we can prescribe to suit your particular condition or needs, including:

  • Individual essential nutrients for men and women

  • Performance and energy boosters

  • Packages that promote fat loss without loss of energy

  • Nutrients that support bone and joint health

  • Cleansing and detoxification products for optimizing kidney, liver and general digestive function

  • The "Opti-Nutrient" Therapeutic Line, which includes a high-potency B-complex formula, thyroid support formulas, Opti-Mito Force for cellular energy production and other wellness aids.

Could You Benefit from Better Nutrition? Ask Our Chiropractor in St. Roberts & Waynesville

Your first step toward a healthier life begins with a visit to Townsend Wellness Center. Call (573) 336-4221 for a nutrition consultation with our chiropractor in St. Robert and Waynesville, MO!

For More Information about Optimal Health Systems, Click Here!

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