The Quality of Your Life is Directly Related to the Fitness of Your Brain!

Today, people spend thousands enhancing their bodies, but do nothing to improve the quality of their thoughts. The truth is, we can accomplish far more by managing brainwave activity and mentally rehearsing the positive, productive, and healthy lifestyle we all want. And, with the BrainTap headset, it couldn’t be easier!

Audio Sessions are combined with light frequency therapy through the BrainTap headset. Gently light pulses delivered through the visor send direct signals to the brain and guide you into a deep relaxation. This innovative form of brainwave training is called frequency following response, and it provides maximum results in the least amount of time.

You simply slip on the BrainTap headset, start the BrainTap audio, lower the visor, close your eyes, and relax. You’ll enjoy a braintapping session that is strategically encoded to take you way beyond what any power nap alone ever could!

In addition to the visual light show, the BrainTap also features Auriculotherapy-the delivery of light in the ears that activate trigger points, or meridians, and are known to directly affect the body’s organs and systems. Activating these meridians is typically done using needles, but the BrainTap headset uses 9 LED lights, 5 blue and 4 red, in the earphones of the headset to achieve sublime serenity and balance…all without needles!

BrainTap’s featured audios help restore your brain’s natural balance, so you can operate at peak performance and acquire the positive new habits and lifestyle you want-naturally.

Do you suffer from unhealthy sleeping habits?

Not getting enough deep, restful sleep can lead to serious health issues! The Sleep RX program was especially designed to help you easily and gently restore your body’s natural ability to fall asleep. By retraining your brain and body to relax, your brain will begin creating proper sleep-inducing patterns that will get you into a deeper relaxed state, allowing you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Is chronic stress robbing you of a great quality of life?

High stress keeps your body in constant flight-or-fight mode, causing an overproduction of stress-related chemicals, which can lead to significant health issues. The Stress-Free Me program retrains your brain and your body how to react properly to stress, decreasing the chemical imbalance, keeping you more relaxed, and ultimately helping you stay healthier.

Are worry and anxiety overwhelming you?

The Worry-Free Me program will ease the worry that’s been consuming your life by retraining your brain to relax, eliminating negative thinking, and ultimately giving you the ability to think through anxious feelings and situations rather than simply reacting to them.

What do you do when diet and exercise alone don’t work?

People say that proper diet and exercise are the keys to achieving a healthy weight. However, one very important element is missing from this equation. The Weight Wellness program is specially designed to help you visualize your end goal, and achieve it! By changing how you think about a healthy lifestyle on a subconscious level, you can once-and-for-all correct eating habits and behaviors, have the true desire to exercise, and maintain your results with proper nutrition.

Do you struggle with maintaining balance in your life?

The meaning of health encompasses so many different elements from physical and mental, all the way to emotional, and most health-related goals are easy to achieve, but hard to maintain. The Optimal Health program features sessions form various series that, combined, will help reduce stress and toxins, help you sleep deep and awaken recharged, boost your energy naturally, become more motivated, and you develop healthy nutritional habits, so you will be able to achieve Optimal Health for life.

Looking for more ways to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of?

It is easy when you have over 700 guided meditation audio-sessions available at our clinic! Choose from over 50 categories including: sports, pregnancy, menopause, cancer, PTSD, meditation, vibrant health, and so many more!

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